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Grant Cooper


The quintessential entrepreneur, Grant Cooper was raised in Brussels, Belgium and educated in the United States – a Houston resident since 1998. Cooper spends most of his time thinking of ideas that many would consider impossible, finding inspiration in his travels and in the world he’s created within his concepts.  It’s 24/7 with this guy, equally known for his discipline, business acumen, and sophisticated West Coast rock ‘n roll sense of style. He strives to build restaurants that impart an experience – a prime example being the newest concept, Gratify Neighborhood Bistro. Driven by gratitude, his passion for concept development and restaurant management is stronger than ever. His hands-on approach keeps him at the forefront of all aspects from building, designing, branding, and promoting concepts to business and menu development to employee training and day-to-day operations. With another concept soon to open and a handful of concepts always in the works, Cooper is a relentless innovator who finds joy in watching ideas blossom into successful businesses that bring excitement to the community and employment opportunities to the industry.