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Tuna Poke Nachos and a Mai Tai in Hand

Hawaiian cuisine, not often seen in Houston, has made it's debut during SaltAir Seafood Kitchen's Chef Series. Traditionally used ingredients such as taro leaf, seaweed and lilkoi, a yellow passion fruit, take form in this Island inspired tasting menu. Chef Brandi Key's second stop based off the Tropic of Cancer begins with an amuse of Spam Musubi topped with furikake and travels along the island incorporating local preparations. Pork steamed in taro leaf pairs with lomi salmon, chili paste, and portuguese sweet bread after a pairing of Korean Fried Chicken with macaroni and rice. Pair the menu with a Mai Tai made of cruzan light rum, goslings dark rum, mandarine napoleon, orgeat, fresh orange and pineapple juice. Enjoy this tasting menu for $45 per person through June 10th and travel with SaltAir to China: June 13th - June 17th, India: June 20th- June 24th and end the series with Cuba from June 27th - July 1st. 

Spam Musubi, grilled spam on sushi rice with nori and furikake

Hawaiian Style Cafe Tuna Poke Nachos with sesame-soy dressing, wonton chips, wasabi aioli, avocado, and various seaweed

Plate Lunch, Korean chicken, 2 scoop rice, 1 scoop macaroni

LauLau Pork, taro leaf steamed pork, sweet potato, sliced white onion, lomi salmon, chili paste, and portuguese sweet bread

Shave Ice, coconut milk, condensed milk, lilikoi, whipped cream, and macadamia nuts